Waterloo County Shrine Club

Mocha Shriners

Christmas Cake Sale 2017




 Description Price
 Fruit Cake - Gift Box ( 3-450g cakes) $18
 Twin Pack - Gift Box 900g - 1 light iced, 1 dark $14
 Cherry Cake - 2 - 450g $16
 Shrine Fruit Cake - 1.13 kg box $14
 Christmas Pudding & Sauce 450g $9
 Shortbread with Chocolate Chunks 450g tin $11
 Scottish Shortbread 380g box $8
 Chocolate Truffles 250g box $10

 Nut Party Tray in Wicker Basket 875g

(cashews, honey glazed peanuts, salted blanched peanuts, Cajun mix) 

 Almonds (covered in pure milk chocolate$3, or
2 /$5 
 Chocolate Bars - 6 bars per box $10
 Fudge 20 oz $13
 Gift Package (assorted items) $25

Contact waterlooshrineclub@gmail.com

All proceeds and donations go to benefit Shriners Hospitals for Children

2017 Sale Locations and Hours


Christkindl Market

Dec 7th thru 10th


Conestoga Mall in Waterloo

Dec 11th thru 17th

We ran out by Friday last year so I would suggest visiting sooner in the week to be safe.

Find out more at www.shrinershq.org/Hospitals/